Today, the world is over 7.6 billion people strong — and this number will only continue to grow, making us stronger every day. Those born in today’s world benefit from the advancements humanity has collectively made, and many will go on to enjoy rights and freedoms that were previously unimaginable to those before today’s generation. While we celebrate these achievements, the reality for many others is far from this. Across the world, citizens, just like you, live in places where basic rights remain inaccessible; where it is dangerous to speak up; where those that do the right thing are not rewarded but are instead punished; where dreams are just dreams; and hope is one more thing that seems impossible to them.

But we are going to change that — by harnessing the power of the human spirit and connecting people like never before, we believe we can put the power back in people.

This belief, this faith, in the ability of humanity to come together to make a difference in our world, has been what inspired me to create We The People. We are a global movement of citizens taking democracy online. Our goal is to make every single voice become heard by giving citizens the tools and resources to step up and create change while not having to be afraid of doing what's right.

Imagine this. What if we could utilise technology for the benefit of the people like you so we could realise the full extent of our rights and take back our freedoms? We would be able to stay connected and harness the force of our collective efforts so as to never be voiceless. Authorities would have to pay attention to the will of the people and fellow citizens will have a platform to voice their concerns while keeping each other safe and managing calls to action. This is what We The People is about. Creating the next generation of democracy and citizenship through technology.

Here's the most important thing: we can’t do it without you. We want to create a change making engine for the entire world. Sadly, while you read this, a vast majority of your fellow citizens do not share similar access to free and open information, especially information that promotes the advancement of human rights. We want our platform to be a safe space — somewhere for all kinds of people to come together, to talk about what matters to them, offer support, and initiate action, not just in democracies, but also in villages, towns, and cities that do not practice democratic models of government. More than a social network, we want what we’re building to be a place that people can turn to in times of need with absolute faith that other people, like you, will respond. We want to build an independent platform, free from the external influences of money, power, and privilege — where progress remains our only agenda and where corporations, governments, and politics remain on the outside; where leaders across the spectrum can step up in the knowledge that they will be safe because millions, if not billions, of citizens will be watching.

We The People is not a conventional charity nor do we intend to become one. We believe in adopting a whole new approach to creating change. From our commitment to becoming the world’s most financially transparent charity by 2020 to our trailblazing adaptation of blockchain technology, we continue to constantly challenge the status quo by offering innovative solutions to some the world’s most pressing human rights challenges.

We've reimagined the future of democracy. And we're far from finished. As we continue to iterate on these plans, we want you get involved. Tell us what you want to see, share your ideas, and join the global conversation.  Join our monthly giving community and give the gift of freedom to over 4 billion people in need. Together, we can put the power back in people. 

It's time.

Hasanal Zaf
Hasanal Zaf
Founder & President