We The People is a global movement of citizens working to take democracy online. Our mission is to give people the power to step up and speak out. We’re using high-tech driven solutions to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges. We conduct research, strengthen civil society and existing human rights mechanisms, and ultimately, we’re building an open blockchain platform that will give citizens the tools and resources to step up and be heard while remaining safe, secure, and, when needed, anonymous. We believe everyone deserves hope.

We are now seeking a dynamic, disruptive, and highly self-motivated researcher. We adopt a data-driven approach that speaks to the diverse needs of people globally, specifically by identifying the challenges that hold back civic engagement. The data is in turn used to provide innovative answers to pressing issues. This position is best suited for individuals interested in gaining experience in a trailblazing, highly disruptive nonprofit. Researchers help shape We The People’s vision for the future of citizenship by asking important questions and strengthening our data-driven approach. Additionally, researchers will attend staff meetings and may have opportunities to join exclusive training and briefings.

This is a part-time position subject to a probation period. 

What's the role?

Based in Hong Kong, you will conduct a wide range of work, including investigation, report writing, advocacy and media work. You will primarily be responsible for ensuring that our work is based on the timely, relevant needs of communities globally, especially through identifying the challenges that inhibit civic engagement. Additionally, you will liaise with various stakeholders, including state and non-state actors, coordinate partnerships, manage relevant events, and oversee the analysis and publication of research. You will utilise a range of online and offline channels, including social and print media, to conduct as well as market our research, and be responsible for meeting research goals. You will also be a part of our Global Consultation, which aims to engage communities through a range of initiatives in order to ask questions and collect feedback so our movement remains truly reflective of the changing circumstances and needs of communities everywhere. You should be able to demonstrate credibility with a proven experience in similar roles and knowledge in report writing, consultation management, and stakeholder oversight. You will need to have great analytical skills and be able to maintain the highest standards while working under pressure.

We'll trust you to:

  • Independently research, monitor, and document human rights issues and civic engagement challenges by collecting and analysing information from a wide variety of sources including governments, media, academia, NGOs, victims, witnesses, journalists, diplomats, security forces and others
  • Write and publicise reports, briefing papers, letters, news releases, op-eds, and submissions to international bodies; collect supporting documents and materials such as photographs and videos
  • Assist in the development and implementation of local, regional, and international strategies to empower civic engagement and improve human rights protections
  • Respond to queries from the media, public, and colleagues in the human rights community and take initiative to project concerns in public debates
  • Place issues within the broader political, social and economic contexts and present human rights concerns to government officials, opinion leaders, inter-governmental agencies, and the media
  • Work closely with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and local human rights organisations to ensure that our work complements and enhances their own work without jeopardising their security
  • Liaise effectively with our staff located in multiple locations throughout the world to ensure effective coordination and delivery of activities
  • Travel internationally, as required
  • Deliver outputs in a timely manner and consistent with the agreed strategic priorities of We The People
  • Identify new partners
  • Utilise a range of channels and tools to conduct and publish our research
  • Work flexibly and remotely while being efficient and meeting deadlines on time


You'll need to have:

• Background in human rights research, academia, policy, or related fields

• Significant report writing experience

• Digital engagement skills are essential

• Excellent English (speaking, reading, and writing)

• Strong team player and disciplined self-starter

• Experience with working with research stakeholders

• Highly proactive and confident attitude in approach and strategy

• Solid track record of success in previous roles

• Solid track record of time-management and organisational skills

• Excellent communication and presentation skills

• Ability to be a part of a broader team as well as work independently and lead teams (when required)


We'd love to see:

• Other language skills, especially Mandarin, Russian or Spanish

• Experience working for other civil society groups

• Immediate availability