We The People is a global movement of citizens working to put the power back in people. Our mission is to give every single person the power to step up and speak out without having to be afraid. We conduct groundbreaking research, strengthen civil society, and are building an open blockchain platform that will give citizens the tools and resources to step up and be heard while remaining safe, secure, and, when needed, anonymous. Through our campaigns, training, services, and ultimately our platform, we're adopting a different approach that will ensure everyone has hope.

We believe blockchain offers the most promising way forward for the future of citizenship. We’re now seeking a disruptive, experienced, and radical visionary to lead our technology work, primarily the construction and management of our blockchain platform. We’re looking for a godparent, not an employee.

This is a full-time paid position subject to a probation period.

 What's the role?

Our tech and platform form the backbone of our movement and are crucial to our mission. You will primarily focus on the design and development of our blockchain platform, both as a web and mobile application. Additionally, you will be responsible for ensuring the day-to-day support and maintenance of our technologies, data, and product for both our in-house team as well as end-users. You will also be strategically focused on growth and innovation from working with our research teams to understand user needs through to upgrading existing features. You will also work with other individuals and teams on all things tech, including data security, protection of our technology, patenting our work, hiring the best talent, and negotiating third-party contracts with service providers. You will ensure that we remain at the forefront of industry innovation and best practice, including excellent user satisfaction. As you will be part of our Senior Leadership, you will be key to driving our overall success as a movement. You should be able to demonstrate credibility with a proven knowledge of blockchain as well as related technology and demonstrate an excellent understanding of the processes involved in the design, development, delivery, and maintenance of our proposed platform. You will need to love deadlines and be capable of delivering the highest quality of work within stringent timeframes while under pressure.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to read our white paper here.

We'll trust you to: 

  • Be the driving force behind our platform
  • Lead our technology, support and product teams
  • Manage the infrastructure behind our internal systems and donor platforms
  • Oversee the design and development of our platform
  • Design and implement appropriate safety and contingency measures to support our platform and other services
  • Manage the overall security of our internal systems, data, and products
  • Manage key relationships with service providers and other business partners
  • Ensure a smooth user experience, from day-to-day use to technical support
  • Ensure that we are constantly innovating and staying ahead of competitor services
  • Employ the most cost-efficient approaches to achieving relevant goals
  • Understand key competitors or alternatives and successfully protect us against displacements
  • Use civic engagement data to propose, plan, and create effective solutions
  • Demonstrate a sensitive and thorough understanding of human rights considerations, especially around civic engagement, based on our own findings and wider research
  • Work with our internal teams, partners, and colleagues in the human rights community to plan, design, manage, and execute our projects and services
  • Act as a spokesperson for our movement, represent our values, and champion our platform

You'll need to have: 

  • Background in Computer Science or Engineering
  • Previous experience in a similar role (CTO)
  • Expertise in blockchain
  • Significant experience in web and mobile app development
  • Understanding of civic issues that relate to our movement
  • Experience in UI/ UX design
  • Excellent English (speaking, reading, and writing)
  • Understanding of various processes including data security and management, user support, and troubleshooting
  • Confidence and a desire to be one of the first developers on an elite team
  • Experience in implementing and organising web and mobile application analytics
  • Experience with ‘validated learning’ practices including MVPs, A/B testing, rapid iterations, and growth hacking, a plus.
  • Highly proactive and confident attitude in approach and strategy
  • Solid track record of success in previous tech roles
  • Strong and proven analytical/ problem-solving skills, time management skills, and multi-
  • tasking skills
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Digital engagement skills are essential
  • Strong team player and disciplined self-starter
  • Experience with working with stakeholders

We'd love to see: 

  • Other language skills, especially Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, or Spanish
  • Experience working for other civil society groups
  • Entrepreneurial experience
  • Immediate availability