Equal Opportunity Employer


We The People is a proud equal opportunity employer. We aim to create a diverse and inclusive movement where everyone feels valued. We do not discriminate based upon race, religion, colour, national origin, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, genetic predisposition or carrier status, or other applicable legally protected characteristic.




We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities or special needs. If you need assistance or wish to request an accommodation, please contact us at

Privacy and Use of Data


The information you provide to us is protected by the laws of Hong Kong including Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Important information about the collection, use, and disclosure of your information, is available from our website at or upon request. You should ensure that you read and understand our Data Policy before proceeding.


As a part of the application process, we may carry out checks to validate as well as verify the information provided to us as a part of your application and to avoid conflicts of interest. This may include checks to confirm your qualifications and criminal record. In such cases, we may need to share your information with third parties such as public authorities and identity verification agencies.


Unless you opt out of the use of your data for direct marketing purposes, your contact information, such as your email address, will be added to our mailing lists and marketing campaigns. We do not share your contact information with any third party unless we are required to do so in order to process your application, facilitate your participation in the position, or by the operation of law.




The successful candidate will receive compensation relevant to a PF-02 (Paid) position.


Reporting Structure

You will report to the President of We The People under the supervision of the Board.



You must be resident in Hong Kong in order to be considered for this position. You must also be willing to relocate to Amsterdam, if required. There may be periods of travel required.




This is a permanent contract subject to a probation period.


Jurisdiction of Appointment


The Chief Technology Officer may be listed as an employee of We The People in either Hong Kong, the Netherlands, both jurisdictions, or elsewhere. Candidates will be advised on the final jurisdiction(s) of their appointments at a later stage in the application process. This may be subject to change at a later date.


Visa and Right to Work


You will be responsible for obtaining the necessary visas and authorisations to facilitate your employment at the principal location. In exceptional cases, we may consider sponsoring your visa.


Overseas Travel


Where overseas travel is necessary, We The People will arrange and finance your travel.


Medical Costs


You will be responsible for costs arising from accidents and/or illness incurred during your employment at We The People, with the exception of those caused by the gross negligence of We The People.


Ongoing Communication and Notification of Outcome

We may use a range of means to communicate with you. Unless you explicitly state otherwise, we may use electronic means, such as fax or email, to communicate with you.


To process your application, we may need to communicate with you about sensitive information, for example, about your qualifications. Electronic communications, unless adequately encrypted, are not secure and may be viewed by others or interfered with. We will use the details you provide on this application for ongoing communication and to notify you of the outcome of your application.


We The People accepts no responsibility for the security or integrity of any information sent to us over the internet or by other electronic means.


Note: Electronic communication is the fastest means of communication currently available and we prefer to communicate electronically because this results in faster processing.

Conflicts of Interest


Applicants must disclose any public or other activity, affiliation to or support for any group or organisation, personal association or other factor, including any governmental, religious, or political interest or status as a Politically Exposed Person*, which may generate a real or perceived conflict of interest with We The People, raise a security concern, or otherwise prevent the applicant from carrying out functions of the specific post to the best of their ability. You must disclose your employment and any other experience in full, including any work or volunteering you may have undertaken or are currently undertaking without receiving compensation. We The People reserves the right to define any conflict of interest, including the extent of such a conflict, at our sole discretion. You should not assume that any perceived or real interest is irrelevant to us.


*An individual, or a family member or close associate of such an individual, who is or has been entrusted with prominent public functions either locally or overseas.


No Competition


If employed by We The People, you will be required to indefinitely agree that you will not, either during or after your employment at We The People, pursue, advise, support, assist, or otherwise volunteer or work as an employee, officer, director, partner, consultant, agent, owner, or in any other capacity, paid or unpaid, directly or indirectly, in any competition with the movement, or the movement’s interests, as defined by its President, in any jurisdiction globally.

Criminal History

You must disclose your criminal history in full, including any penalties, charges, or convictions that have been previously brought against you or are currently in consideration, irrespective of the outcome, including any out of court settlements.  You must also disclose any criminal investigations which you may have been a subject of or a person of interest in.

Ethical Violations


You must disclose any ethical violations, or violations of any professional standards, which you have committed, been investigated to have committed or currently are being investigated for.

Disclosure of Assets


You must also disclose any and all assets you currently own or are entitled to benefit from globally, or expect to own or benefit from during your employment with We The People or within 24 months thereafter, both financial and otherwise, that are the result of any transaction which we may consider a conflict of interest, including any gift or donation.

Integrity of Employment


We The People is committed to maintaining the integrity of our appointments.  In relation to this position, either during the application process or after your successful employment for this position, if you:

  • provide, or have previously provided, fraudulent documents or false or misleading information (knowingly or not); and/or
  • fail to satisfy, or have previously failed to satisfy our requirements;

your appointment may be terminated, and we may choose to pursue legal action, which may result in civil or criminal liability.



We The People is committed to remaining accountable to the people. We understand that sometimes things may go wrong or you may have valuable feedback to help us stay true to our cause as a movement. We welcome your feedback, and where necessary, you are able to make a complaint, apply for a review of our decisions, or raise a concern about us, through our independent appeals scheme.. This includes the outcome of an application made in respect of this position.


Requests must be made in writing and sent to by email. To ensure that your request is dealt with efficiently, please provide as much information as possible, attaching evidence as either JPG, PNG or PDF file types, in your original email. Failure to provide sufficient information in the prescribed format may result in a delay in considering your request.


To obtain full information our appeals scheme, or assistance on making a request, please contact


By clicking 'Apply' you confirm that you have read and agree to the above terms & our Data Policy