Wednesday, 17 April 2019 | 7pm - 9pm
Mettā, 21/F California Tower, 30-32 D'Aguilar St, Central, Hong Kong

Since the digital revolution, most aspects of our lives have gone online. From the ways in which we we find information, talk to friends, work and play, to the ways in which we date, share memories, navigate and travel. It's been said that one of the last frontiers of human experience still largely 'off the grid' is the realm of sleep. However, with the development of smart pillows that track us while we sleep, it seems even our dreams will soon take place in the cloud. 


For sure, with digitalisation we've become far more efficient, connected and informed but, as we've already learned from the likes of Snowden, it's also made us incredibly vulnerable to mass surveillance. For some, concerns over data privacy are not all that important or at least a matter of principle and occasional frustration. However, for activists, journalists, critical academics, whistle-blowers, and outspoken citizens – especially those residing in repressive regimes – online privacy and the ability to 'be invisible' can be about life and death.


Join us for an exclusive conversation with a panel of expert hackers that know all the tricks in (and off) the book. Learn about how data leaks take place, how much is actually known about our day-to-day activities online, but also how we can protect ourselves and 'fly under the radar' (if that's even possible).   


This event is free and open to the public with limited seats available.  


Light refreshments will be served. 



Lionello Lunesu

An experienced hardware and software engineer with a background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Lio is an expert in virtual reality, VPN, e-commerce, cloud computing, blockchain, and IoT. Starting out in 1997, he built and sold custom VR solutions, set up development teams in Bucharest and Beijing and later joined Microsoft in 2010, where he earned a Microsoft Gold Star Award. Lio has been involved in China’s first hackerspace, Xinchejian, and more recently, has been working on projects such as a blockchain wallet device, a decentralised identity platform, and an off-chain decentralized exchange.

Hamish Coleman

In addition to being a Sys Admin, working at the intersection of software and hardware, Hamish is also regarded as a veteran hacker. He’s been taking apart and repurposing computers ever since he can remember, with the express goal to bend hardware to his will. As an active member of Hong Kong’s hacker community, Hamish also dedicates his time to empowering others to learn how to bend technology alongside with him.

Hacker 3

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