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Hackers, drugs, weapons, live streamed torture and illegal porn. The dark web is easily reduced to a cliché. It’s a bad place where bad people do bad things, usually while wearing hoodies and hunching over a laptop in an eerie room. But there’s something more to the dark web. So much more. It’s one of the few online places where the real promises of the internet — freedom, anonymity, privacy — are, for the most part, still intact.

The dark web is designed to allow people to browse with complete anonymity. Websites are set up so that their locations are unknown and they don’t show up in search results. Anyone who has the address of a dark website can visit it — providing they’re using the right kind of browser, while the identities of the website owner and its visitors stay hidden.

This anonymity however is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the privacy afforded by the dark web creates the perfect hiding place for criminals to operate, from buying and selling stolen credit card information to plotting terrorist attacks. On the other hand, for plenty of people, including those in marginalised communities or people who live within authoritarian regimes, using the Internet anonymously is a matter of survival, avoiding intrusive surveillance that aims to ensure complete obedience to authority.

Join us at this interactive event for an educational thrill as we delve deep into the dark web and understand its promises and threats in person.  

This event is free and open to the public with limited seats available.

Oh, and do bring your own laptop along if you want to. 

Light refreshments will be served.


Leonhard Weese

Leonhard Weese

Leonhard is an expert on Bitcoin, information security and online privacy. He has a background in statistics and economics, is a contributor to Forbes and currently serves as President of the Bitcoin Association in Hong Kong. Whatever questions you may have about the dark web, or Tor, you can ask Leonhard.


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